22 September, 2007

27th September

A series of events commemorating and celebrating Shakti Bhatt have been planned over three days around her 27th birthday.

The Shakti Bhatt Memorial Reading & Tribute
Thursday September 27
7 pm
The British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

September 27 would have been the Shakti's 27th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, her friends will read from her work and remember her with poetry, short fiction, and music. The Shakti Bhatt Foundation, set up by her family to keep her memory alive, will announce the inaugural 2008 Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize.

Thursday September 27, 2007
After the British Council event (see above)
N-30 Jangpura Extension, First Floor, Side Entrance, Near Eros Cinema

After the British Council event, Shakti's friends and family will be gathering to celebrate her birthday. Please do bring along anyone and everyone who knew and met Shakti, anyone who would like to remember her. There'll be food and music - please also bring a bottle of whatever you are drinking. For more information, contact Lesley Esteves at lesley DOT esteves AT gmail DOT com.

Open Baithak
Friday September 28
6.30 pm - 9 pm
The Queen's Gallery, British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

At Open Baithak, a series of performance poetry events, Shakti will be remembered and her video shorts will be screened. Write to Monica Mody for more details at openbaithak AT gmail DOT com.

Caferati's first annual Celebrating Shakti Bhatt Workshop
Sunday September 30
Time 4 pm
The Attic, Regal Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi

Caferati's Delhi Chapter is hosting the first Annual Celebrating Shakti Bhatt Workshop. The first session (on Indian poetic forms in English poetry) will run from 4-5:30pm and the second (on editing for creative writers) from 6-7:30pm or so. Read more about this event here. Space is limited, so please let the organisers know if you plan to attend by mailing: zaidiannie, anita.vasudeva, dan.husain, manishalakhe, or zigzackly (all AT gmail DOT com)

After the workshop, Caferati plans to go out to drink a toast to Shakti, and to enjoy the company of friends over a cheery dinner. All participants are welcome to join in, and pay for whatever they drink or eat.

Looking forward to sharing and celebrating together with you all,

-Friends of Shakti and Jeet


Anonymous said...

hey,sweet Shakti...wherever u r... be alwz happy... yesterday was ur birthday,i remeber bt was so busy that cant go to temple to pray for u but at this late night i m saying u with all my heart...
,if u were on this earth,u would be of 30 years old beautiful chick..but now u r infinitive,i m ur this unknown soul sister..(its of no mean to say u my name,i dnt want to,u knw everything cause u have become infinite...so u must knw who i m though i dnt write my name)
its god' fault that i even hadnt known u or hadnt heard ur name when u were on this earth..its God's great fault that u gone too early, its only his fault that i even could not see u..its his fault only...miss u Shakti
with love
from:a girl who consider herself as ur soul-sister.

for author of this blog: its bogus e-mail id that i m presenting...u can delete my post if u wish to do so..thanks in advance..good noght

Anonymous said...

hey my sweet soul sister Shakti, i wish if u were here,i would have hug you and say... 'happy birthday sweetheart,i love you' and dont mind all this people who have made your name limited to book prize or whatever,all this people are like innocent children. dont mind them. :) your parents loves you lot. if you were alive...oh..i m so sorry dear,i have never seen you but when i saw ur photograph for the first time at ur dad's home,i felt extream intimacy for you,i felt as if i knew you for many years,perhps its godly connection with you,i pray for u in temple.. i wish u alwz feel peace of soul...wherever u r in this universe,i m sure u r listening my heart's wishes and smiling at me.. yes,u r ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKTI -your soul sister. 27th sep.2012 9.15am