06 May, 2007

A list for Shakti

by Jitender Shambi

The smile of a goddess
The face of an urchin
Dancing with arms open to the sky
Laughing from lips to fingertips
Boots black
Lips lilac
Eyes open widely
Hands smothered in pink leather gloves
Warmth from the glitter of a silver jumper
Height from the heel of a well loved shoe

Navigator without direction
Hula girl without shame

Hands that moved like a Delhiwallah
Feet that walked like a New Yorker
Funnily shy
Wildly graceful
A mind
A heart
A voice

Insanely in love
Alive for life

She called me 'pretty girl'
And I called her 'lovely lady'…..

Shakti, my friend, I miss you.

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