04 May, 2007

Shakti on Chrystie

by Senti Toy

I met Shakti way down on the Lower East Side of New York City, on Chrystie Street, where she moved to be with her love, Jeet. There were no pretensions with her — she was always at ease and open-hearted, open arms and open smile. I did a few poetry performances with Jeet and at rehearsal she listened with her heart, and gently inspired us on. When I think of Shakti I think 'light' and long beautiful walks in the sun. She would tell me about the walks she took with Jeet – Central Park, shoe shopping, just walking... on beautiful days drenched in sweet love, light and contentment. It was joyful knowing her and having conversations with her. I still feel her warmth, her light, her person, and that vital energy she and Jeet shared. None of this is gone, none of it has changed. I still sense her tender presence.

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